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Your Pets’ Chef Launches Natural Pet Food Company in Austin, Texas

Austin-area dog owners can now get fresh, all natural dog food delivered to their doorstep

AUSTIN, TEXAS, JUNE 21, 2019 - Your Pets’ Chef has announced its official launch, bringing fresh and all natural dog food to the Austin, Texas, area.

The company was founded by Gregory Purnell, a professional chef with more than thirty years of experience in the culinary and hospitality industries who decided to create natural dog food for his South African Mastiff, Ramesses, who showed signs of food allergies. After making homemade dog food with fresh, high quality ingredients, Ramesses quickly displayed reduced itching, scratching, and digestive issues. Purnell tried out the fresh food with his other dog, a senior chihuahua named Diego, and noticed a decrease in digestive issues. Now, Purnell and his family are sharing his recipes with other dog lovers in the Austin area.

Menu choices include turkey, chicken, and beef entrees made with USDA-approved ingredients. For example, the turkey entree includes high quality ingredients such as ground turkey, chicken gizzards, green peas, brown rice, carrots, garbanzo beans, strawberries, blueberries, basil, and oregano.

Customers can go straight to the Your Pets’ Chef website and create their orders, complete with a subscription feature that allows them to receive fresh dog food at their doorstep. Customers can choose subscriptions with 14 or 30 day intervals that are also customized by their dog’s weight.

“All of our pet food is made by a seasoned professional chef,” said the team at Your Pets’ Chef. “This is truly a culmination of two life long passions, the love of animals and the love of food. This came to the perfect manifestation with the joyful creation of My Pets’ Chef.”

Your Pets’ Chef is a family owned business that is truly passionate about helping people give their dogs the best when it comes to nutrition. As it stands, they are offering subscription services in the Austin area. More information can be found at

About Your Pets’ Chef

Your Pets’ Chef is a natural pet food company based in Austin, Texas, and offering subscription-based services for dog lovers who want to offer their pets high quality food.



Gregory Purnell

Your Pets’ Chef, LLC

Phone: (512) 270-0122

Instagram: @yourpetschef

Facebook: @yourpetschef



Austin Chronicle - Pet Issue Feature  

Two Pups, One Austin Chef

Nutrient-dense ready-to-eat dog food could help alleviate dogs’ symptoms and finicky habits

Nikki and Gregory Purnell of Your Pets' Chef (Photo by Shelby Bella Photography)


Two Pups, One Austin Chef

My boxer, Chuck, loves to eat. But between her allergies and the cat's own separate set of health issues, we find our little menagerie at the vet's office far more often than we'd like – a recurring ear infection, an ulcer on the lip, constant paw-licking and chin-scratching. My editor reports that although her senior dog is the mark of good health, he's perhaps the single most finicky canine on the planet: Jim won't even eat a piece of perfectly mid-rare New York strip straight from the dinner table. Or chicken. Or lunch meat. Or anything aside from his one specific food, and only when it's been sitting out for awhile. Balancing a dog's eating habits with personalized health needs is no easy feat, and one local human chef-turned-pet chef knows the struggle all too well.

Photo by Shelby Bella Photography

Gregory Purnell, a chef for more than 30 years, and his wife Nikki started a local dog food company – Your Pets' Chef – last summer after getting recipe feedback from their own pups. "Our Boerboel [a South African Mastiff] has allergies, and he was really suffering. My wife, Nikki, started looking into the ingredients in kibble. We had tried just about everything, and it just wasn't giving him any relief. So we started researching cooking our own food for our dogs. My wife researched what natural ingredients benefit dogs; I created the recipes and prepared the food. This entire venture started because we wanted our dogs to get the most nutrition they could through diet," Purnell said.

Their business focuses on well-balanced, health-focused dog food made from human-grade ingredients like garbanzo beans, brown rice, beef tripe, blackberries, basil, and even marine microalgae. And because balance is essential, they've intentionally worked to ensure that all of the meal options – think chicken in gravy – meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines for Growth/All Life Stages.

Photo by Shelby Bella Photography

"Our dogs were doing so well on the food. Our Boerboel's allergies improved immensely, and our senior chihuahua's digestive issues are near nonexistent," Purnell added. "We've met quite a few people who do cook for their dogs. However, it's very time-consuming. This is where we come in – let us do the work for you and become Your Pets' Chef."

Chuck couldn’t stay seated once I’d opened the Your Pets’ Chef meal package, and she pushed her bowl across the room in her effort to eat every bite.

The Austinites soon realized they had to share the food with all the animal lovers in town, but knew that convenience would be essential for making an easy transition from regular feeding routines. Your Pets' Chef provides several different protein-included meals, and the food is delivered to pet owners' doorsteps ready to eat. Prices vary based on pupper size and shipment frequency, but with options at $1.64 per day, it's priced lower than many gourmet dog food alternatives.

Chuck couldn't stay seated once I'd opened the Your Pets' Chef meal package, and she pushed her bowl across the room in her effort to eat every bite. With ground turkey and chicken gizzards as the first ingredients, I wouldn't expect anything less. As for sweet, strange Jim, the verdict – and the food – is still out.


Our journey into the natural pet food industry began when our South African Mastiff (Boerboel) Ramesses began exhibiting signs of food allergies. Greg is a trained chef by profession, working in the culinary and hospitality industries for more than 30 years. Nikki is a professional in the clinical research industry. As lifelong avid dog lovers, we decided to try making our own dog food with natural ingredients, ones that we would use to feed for our own family.

We noticed an instant change in Ramesses, less itching, less scratching, less digestive issues, and best of all—less GAS! Additionally, our senior chihuahua, Diego was also suffering with issues of maintaining a healthy weight and occasional digestive issues. With the benefits, our dogs have demonstrated and our newly created natural, nutritionally-wholesome dog food recipes, We decided to share our natural dog food with the rest of the dog lovers in the surrounding Austin area.

Our family has resided in Austin area since 2007, we have seen first-hand how much Austinites love their dogs.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
Our biggest struggle to date as with many small businesses was COVID-19. We were just beginning to hit our stride when COVID hit. We were getting our name out there by participating in local dog events. However, with COVID all of that ceased. As things begin to open up again, we hope to be able to get back out there once the weather cools down.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
Greg is a trained chef by profession, working in the culinary and hospitality industries for more than 30 years. Nikki is a professional in the clinical research industry with experience in business development support and proposal management.

Who else deserves credit in your story?
We would have to say our early clients that have continued to ride with us through it all. Through the delays in shipping due to COVID or supply chain issues. We have a handful of clients who have been with us from almost the beginning. Their support/loyalty has literally kept our doors open.


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